Full Oceans polyethylene buoys

Since June 1st 2017 Nautikaris has become the exclusive distributor of Full Oceans polyethylene buoys. Apart from the high quality LED Aids to Navigation we cover the complete range of Polyethylene Marine Buoys with their optional equipment.
We will be offering navigation aids buoys, mooring buoys and mooring link chains and Swivels. In short, Durable and reliable, our buoy’s range is the perfect solution to meet the needs of maritime, coastal, offshore and river projects. This is why Full Oceans offer a seven year warranty on their buoys.
High Life Expectancy:
Compared to steel buoys, plastic buoys will not corrode and our floats are designed for a long-lasting activity.

Service and Maintenance:
UV-stabilized polyethylene limits marine growth and enables an easy and fast cleaning “on board”. Large intervals between servicing result in major costs savings.
No painting needed.
Lifting and mooring points can be replaced easily and within a few minutes.
Float and mast can also be repaired in case of damage.

Full Oceans polyethylene buoys have a modular design optimizes container loading and makes the fret easier and cheaper.

Reliable Optional Equipments
Marine Lanterns:
Supplied by Carmanah and Sabik Marine Lanterns, the reliable world market leader. Self-contained LED lanterns.

Top Marks (optional for lateral buoys):
Integrating the same level of design and quality as on our buoys. Perfectly adapted to the needs of each buoy.

Mooring Devices:
Wide range of steel chains, sinkers, swivels and shackles adapted to our buoys.

Quality Manufacturing:
Designed and made in France
Stability of floats: Our polyethylene buoys are built to guarantee an excellent buoyancy and remain unsinkable.
High visibility: Pigments matching IALA specifications are directly integrated into the polyethylene. No painting required.
Shock resistance: Our entire range of polyethylene buoys guarantees an excellent resistance to impacts. Polyethylene is a shape-memory polymer (after a violent shock, our floats recover their initial shapes).
Tension: Our floats are also developed to ensure a strong pull out resistance