Carlson Merlin LiDAR Mapping System

Nautikaris is now distributer of the Carlson Merlin LiDAR Mapping System.

As expert and intergrater in HYPACK Nautikaris can intergrate the Carlson Merlin LiDAR and HYPACK together for fast and effective acquisition
of time-tagged survey data above and below the water simultaneously.

Carlson Merlin

The Merlin LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is the Vessel based Laser scanner of Carlson

The Merlin can map the full environment in a single survey.
Information acquired by Carlson’s time-tagged Merlin
marine laser scanner combines seamlessly with
bathymetric echosounder data for complete datasets
that reveal the full landscape above and below the
waterline in the same survey.
Obtaining a full 360° point cloud with Merlin quickly
and safely.

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About Carlson

Carlson Software specializes in CAD design software, field data collection, and machine control products for the land surveying, civil engineering, construction, and mining industries worldwide, providing one-source technology solutions from data collection to design to construction. Carlson Software’s renowned dedication to customer service is unique in the industry.