Aanderaa introduces a unique way of measuring waves from buoys!

MOTUS Wave Sensor

MOTUS Wave measurement

MOTUS Wave Buoys Measure will change the operatio of wave direction with market leading accuracy. Marine traffic along the coast needs reliable information on weather, wind and sea state. Such measurements are often obtained using moored buoys with real-time data transmission to users on shore and at sea. The buoys are equipped with various sensors able to measure the parameters needed. The more measurements performed at one buoy the more useful and cost-effective the installation becomes.

In general it is challenging to measure waves using a regular measuring buoy. Buoys designed for weather measurements need a certain size and corresponding mooring and the movements in the sea are not particular well suited for measuring waves. Existing wave measuring sensors are rather costly compared to the other sensors used on such buoys. The project aim is to develop a wave sensor measuring wave height and wave direction. The sensor is intended for use with a variety of buoys and will provide reliable wave measurements for marine transport and similar users. By utilizing the latest advances in miniaturized sensors for consumer market coupled with advanced embedded electronics and software, the goal is to develop a new and cost effective sensor for measuring waves on a wide range of measuring buoys.

Introducing the MOTUS Wave Buoys

Powered by the NEW Aanderaa MOTUS Directional Wave Sensor
The Aanderaa MOTUS Wave Sensor 5729 is a directional wave sensor module for use on surface buoys. The MOTUS Wave Sensor is an integrated part of Tideland SB 138P MOTUS Buoy and YSI EMM 2.0 MOTUS Buoy. It is intended for commercial as well as research use.
The sensor processes wave data and is configurable to present parameters and wave spectrum directly.

MOTUS Wave Buoys
MOTUS Wave Sensor

MOTUS Wave Buoys Output parameters:

Wave Height Hm0  Wave Height Swell Hm0  Fourier Coeff. Spectrum
Wave Peak Direction  Wave Height Wind Hm0  Heading & Ext Heading
Wave Peak Direction  Swell Mean Spreading  Angle Pitch & Roll
Wave Mean Direction  Directional Width  StDev Heading
Wave Peak Direction  Wind Long Crestedness  StDev Pitch & Roll
Wave Mean Period Tm02  Directional Spectra  Input Voltage & Current
Wave Peak Period  Wave Orbital Spectrum  Used Memory
Wave Peak Period  Swell Energy Spectrum  FE Message and State
Wave Peak Period Wind