Archer 2™ for Hazardous Locations

The Archer 2 has emerged faster, smarter, and more sophisticated than ever before, claiming top spot among the most advanced rugged handhelds out there. Now Available, The Archer 2™ for Hazardous Locations. Juniper Systems’ long-awaited Archer 2™ rugged handheld certified for hazardous locations (Archer 2 Hazloc) is now available. The Archer 2™ for Hazardous Locations […]

Vector V104


Experience the new Hemisphere GPS Vector V104   The rugged and low-profile enclosure combines Hemisphere GNSS’ Crescent® Vector technology and two multi-path resistant antennas for accuracy, portability and simple installation. The smart antenna, measuring less than a half meter in length, mounts easily to a flat surface or pole. The stability and maintenance-free design of […]