Lightguard Technology

Monitoring your lighted Aids to Navigation has never been easier! Fully integrated, easy-to-handle, reliable – Carmanah/SABIK lanterns with »LightGuard Technology« contain all the components required for remote monitoring in a single housing. Intuitive desktop and mobile-friendly software included.

Hemisphere GNSS Announces New Survey Grade GNSS Antennas

A25 and A45 deliver multi-constellation support in a low profile, rugged form factor Hemisphere announces two low profile, multipurpose antennas that will exceed expectations in all GNSS applications. With unique filtering patterns and precise attention paid to mitigation of multipath and interference, the A25 and A45 antennas complement all GNSS products, from L1 GPS to […]


3D Imaging Sonar – real-time subsea quay wall inspection in Utrecht with Echoscope

Kademuurinspectie nader bekeken. 3D real- time akoestische opnames, de nieuwe en innovatieve methode. Binnenstedelijke kademuren staan momenteel in de belangstelling. Wat de status is van het deel beneden de waterlijn is veelal onbekend. Door gebruik te maken van de “3D real-time akoestische camera” is het mogelijk om een ‘filmopname’ te maken van de kademuur beneden […]