Integrated Tide and Meteorological AIS Transponder (Legacy)Developed to allow ships and coastal stations to accurately locate and identify one another, AIS is the mariner’s most significant development in navigation and safety since the introduction of radar. AIS is a marine technology based around positions and timing derived from the GPS network. Primarily the system is used as a form of visual tracking whereby a vessel transmits its position and basic information while at the same time view all other vessels transmitting their information within its reception range. An auxiliary application of AIS is as an Aid To Navigation (AtoN), this is defined as “a device or system external to vessels that is designed and operated to enhance the safe and efficient navigation of vessel traffic”. These AtoNs consist of a variety of devices such as buoys and shore stations designed to promote and enhance safety and efficiency of navigation, the function described as ‘TideMet’ is the provision of weather and tidal data over an AIS AtoN station.