A number of BurtonTM 5500 Series contact patterns are available with higher voltage ratings (standard rating is 600v). Ratings of 1000v, 2000v, and 3000v are available. Due to certain design constraints and material limitations, not all patterns are available in all voltage ratings.
The BurtonTM 5500 Series high voltage connectors differ from the standard rated units in several areas. There is a contact shoulder, which increases the surface track distance between contacts. Different insulation materials may also be used.

The Burton family of subsea and oilfield connectors and cable assemblies has established a track record of uncomprimised reliability in a wide range of harsh environment, military and commercial applications:

Subsea vehicles including working-class ROVs, inspection ROVs, AUVs, trenchers, instrumentation, cameras, and lights.
Artificial lift including electric submersible pumps, wellheads, LPG and LNG storage caverns, borehole pumps, seepage pumps, and temperature sensing.
Naval systems including sonar detection and classification, torpedo launchers, mine countermeasures, acoustic headmass, propulsion systems, and ship-to-shore power.
Custom capabilities include: integrated fluid and gas fittings, high voltages and currents, tow cables, lanyard released umbilical cables, and composite cables with power, signal, and fiber optics in a single jacket.