C321 Precise base station

Use the C321 as a precise base station sending RTK corrections to your existing fleet of machine control systems and rovers via the internal UHF radio or an external radio of your choice. The GNSS receiver can also be tuned into a network rover receiving corrections from your jobsite base station or via the internet.
Market-leading technology delivered at competitive prices make Hemisphere your ideal partner for your high-performance satellite positioning needs.

Construction, Machine Control & Mining

Hemisphere GNSS offers a variety of products, services, and solutions that serve the construction industry. Their positioning, heading, and differential antennas, receivers, and OEM boards have been designed with durability in mind. From Dredging operations nearshore and offshore to open-pit mines and live commercial and residential construction jobsites, our high-performance satellite positioning solutions withstand some of the most demanding environments imaginable.
Whether you are a mining equipment operator looking for the toughest machine control system available for your dozer or a construction system integrator looking to outfit your fleet of excavators with the latest in high-accuracy GNSS positioning to improve the quality and productivity of your jobsite, our high-performance satellite positioning solutions can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
Distributed through us as Hemisphere GNSS Masterdealer  the innovative high-precision positioning components help you by allowing them to improve their overall machine control operations by reducing fuel consumption, input costs, and idling hours which leads to less pollution. By maximizing the efficiency of these operations our solutions reduce operator fatigue and creates a safer working environment for everyone on the jobsite.
Market-leading technology delivered in tailored solutions at competitive prices make Hemisphere GNSS the ideal candidate for your high-performance satellite positioning needs. In a world full of complex dynamic requirements, Nautikaris will work with you to develop a sophisticated solution from inception to completion.

C321 GNSS Smart Antenna