DREDGEPACK® is designed to work with cutter suction, hopper, bucket and excavator operations.

Using tools in DREDGEPACK®, your SURVEY data is loaded into a color coded matrix. Your survey data can come from single beam data, multibeam data or multiple transducer data. DREDGEPACK® will monitor the exact position and depth of the digging tool and keep track of an ‘As Dredged’ surface. You’ll be able to see exactly where your digging tool is in plan view and in profile view. You’ll also be able to see the channel design depth and channel overdepth in profile view.

Key Features

Precise digging over complex plans
Real time visualization:
Plan view
Sectional views
3DTV Perspective view
Work in depth or elevation mode
Satisfies USACE Silent Inspector requirements
OPC Network capable

Hopper Dredger - STPI

The Suction Tube Position Indicator (STPI) is a sophisticated microprocessor based measuring and monitoring system. The suction tube can consist of one single tube or an upper and lower tube connected by a cardan.

For the vertical position the system can be provided with different kind of transmitters. Inclinometers, pressure-transmitters mounted on the suction tube, or encoders for measuring the paid out length of the winches. The horizontal position is always measured with rotation angletransmitters.
The system can also be interfaced with a Bubbler system. For the suction inlet position a pressure-transmitter is used to measure the draught of the suction pipe inlet.
The system runs on windows software, and the communication between sensors and computer is done through ethernet or fieldbus protocol. All input signals are protected against false measurements. If there occurs a faulty signal the error sign will color red in the launcher of the
system and the error message is shown in the error screen.

Hopper Dredger - L&DI

The Load and Draught is based on the measurement of the hydrostatic pressure from minimum two high accurate pressure transmitters positioned “FORE’” and “AFT” on the vessel’s keel. The transmitter assembly consists of a certified stub-pipe, shut-off valve and a pipe piece with pressure
transmitter. The certified stub-pipe is flush-welded with the side of the vessel’s hull. Due to this measuring principal the heave is hydraulic smoothed and not influenced by air particles during dredging.
The pressure sensors can easily be inspected and serviced, without dry-docking.

By combining the suction tube position and load and draught indicator the customer gets all necessary information of the dredging process in one program. In a network configuration the several screens can be displayed at different monitors. (i.e. dredgemaster and skipper).

Excavators and Cutter Dredges - DREDGEGUARD

DREDGEGUARD is positioning hardware and software for a wide range of digging equipment such as excavators, bucket dredgers, backhoes, DOP-pumps and clamshell dredgers.

The position of the digging tool in relation to the defined dredging area and area topography is presented in a clear manner. With a high degree of accuracy the operator on board can follow the dredging process under the water line.
In this way the efficiency and production of each project can be improved.