Multibeam Profiling Sonar – Gemini 620pd

A high-resolution echo sounder from Tritech’s proven Gemini 620pd multibeam imaging sonar technology in a subsea profiling application. Operating at 620kHz, the Gemini 620pd is able to provide 10mm range resolution results with an angular resolution of 0.5° and is able to deal with more varied environments, while continuing to provide high-accuracy performance.

The software package supplied with the Gemini 620pd has been designed to provide the user with the ability to easily and effectively optimise the performance of the system. Automatic bottom tracking, variable gate setting, gate tilting as well as roll compensation are some of the automated features that ensure a survey can be completed, with minimal user interaction during operation.

  • High-resolution for maximum performance
  • 130° swathe
  • Durable in harsh environments with 4000m titanium housing
  • Ease of installation
  • output to industry recognised survey packages for processing, including; EIVA, Hypack and QINSy
  • output to the Gemini Hub for accurate timestamping
Key Features
  • Ethernet and VDSL communications
  • Compatible with industry survey packages
  • Automatic bottom tracking
  • Roll correction
Technical Specifications
Acoustic Specifications
Operating Frequency 620kHz
Angular Resolution 1.0° acoustic, 0.5° effective
Swathe 130°
Number of Beams 256
Vertical Beamwidth
Range 0.5 to 120m
Update Rate 5 – 50Hz (range dependent)
Range Resolution 10mm (range dependent)
Pulse Length 25 – 200μs (range dependent)
Power Consumption 37W maximum (range dependent, head unit only)
Supply Voltage 22 – 75V DC
Communications Protocols Ethernet (up to 80m) or VDSL (up to 1000m)
Connector Type Burton 5506 Series
VDSL cable length Maximum length for VDSL and power is 300m, if power is provided locally (e.g., by the ROV), then cable length for VDSL communications is 1000m.
Physical Specifications
Weight 19kg air, 13kg water
Depth Rating 4000m
Material Titanium (6 AL-4V)
Finish Bead blasted
Temperature Range -10 to 35°C (-20 to 50°C in storage)


Footage of Gemini 620pd Profiling Sonar – Lake Conroe