Multibeam imaging sonar for underwater visualisation


A real-time, high frequency imaging solution, the Gemini 720ik operates at 720kHz and combined with Tritech’s advanced processing electronics, it produces images of outstanding clarity.

The Gemini 720ik has been developed specifically for shallow water operations with low power consumption and Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse (CHIRP) processing for greater definition at long range.

The Tritech Multibeam Imaging Sonars are available in three variants:
The Gemini 720ik
Gemini 720is (1000m or 4000m)
Gemini NBI – Multibeam Narrowbeam  Imaging Sonar

Key Features
  • real-time high frequency imaging
  • 720 kHz CHIRP processing technology (great definition at long range up to 120m)
  • 512 beams with 0.25° effecgtive angular resolution
  • Low power consumption
  • Integrated Velocity of Sound sensor
  • Record data in a range of digital video formats
  • Output screenshots comes as standard
  • ROV/AUV navigation
  • Shallow water operations
  • Touchdown monitoring
  • Subsea inspections and object detection
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Diver operations / assistance
  • Civil waterworks
  • Search and Rescua (SAR)
  • Salvage operations
  • Quay inspections
  • Pipeline tracking and cable lay tracking
  • Windfarm surveys (Seabed depletion)
  • Underwater mining visualisation
  • Underwater target identification, classification and tracking

The Gemini 720ik is the latest generation from Tritech’s renowned Multibeam Sonar Range and is ideal for Small ROV’s and shallow water operations.

At 1m range this product offers a world-class 97Hz update rate for videolike imagery. Target tracking algorithms developed by Seebyte are embedded within the Gemini software as standard. The Gemini 720ik is supplied with Seanet Pro. Tritech’s data acquisition and logging software, which offers users the ability to operate a number of Tritech sensors using this single software program.