Picotech has two miniature multibeam echo sounders PicoMB-120 and PicoMB-140

The MBES multibeam are ideally suited to near-nadir gap filling swath interferometric systems or for standalone microbathymetry.

The small size of PicoMBES means that it is simple to mount next to the interferometric sonar transducers.
PicoMBES is fully integrated with the Bathyswath data gathering & processing software. I t can be used with any of the Bathyswath range of sonars, or its fore-runner, SWATHplus. It may also be used with other interferometric swath bathymetry sonars & other data processing software packages.

Hydrographic Survey
Micro ROV

The systems work with the PicoSonar Windows UI and drivers for the following software
have been developed:
• Xylem HYPACK®
• Teledyne PDS®
• EIVA NaviSuite®
• OIC GeoDAS® and SAMM®
• ITER Bathyswath®