Chart Display, Production & Navigation Software

SevenCs offers a comprehensive range of software that covers the complete digital navigation supply chain, including products and tools for:

Creating digital charts to international standards,
Distributing digital chart data to mariners and other users
Developing chart display applications
Navigating for specialist applications.

EC2007 ECDIS Kernel SDK

ENC Tools Software
EC2007 provides a rich, modular development environment to help OEMs to develop maritime chart display applications, such as ECDIS, WECDIS, VTS, ECS, tactical consoles, etc.

Fully featured, stable and compliant, EC2007 significantly reduces development risks, costs and time-to-market for maritime chart display and navigation applications, such as ECDIS.
ChartServer WMS Server for ENCs

There are many applications where it is necessary to display standard electronic nautical charts (ENCs) in combination with, or as a back-drop to, other geo-spatial data. ChartServer is an OGC compliant WMS server specifically designed to display ENCs, and other nautical chart formats, correctly.

ChartServer is the perfect tool for software developers to create small and medium-scale multi-user applications where there is a need to mix general geo-spatial data with nautical chart data that is correctly displayed.

Electronic Nautical Chart (ENC) Production Tools

The Complete Chart Production Solution

The core combination of ENC Designer, ENC Optimizer and ENC Analyzer provides all the software tools required to create a wide range of digital nautical chart products, including ENCs, IENCs, and AMLs.

Further tools and plug-ins, such as the S-57 Writer plug-in for FME from Safe Software, VPF Converter, and ENC Referencer cover standard data import requirements.

Other tools, such as Contour Generator (bathymetric contours), ENC Cartographer (paper charts from digital data), ENC Encryptor and Permit Generator (S-63 encryption and control) cover other key aspects of the chart production and distribution work-flow.

ENC Designer – Create & Maintain S-57 ENCs

ENC Designer is always provided as Enterprise Solution which includes ENC Manager and ENC Referencer.

ENC Designer is the main S-57 production tool. It is used to create and maintain electronic charts in IHO S-57 format (e.g.ENCs, IENCs, AMLs) fast and efficiently. A wide variety of functions enables you to capture, edit, modify and control the quality of your ENC data.

ENC Designer Main Features:

Supports all S-57 products
Easy Data Capturing and Encoding
Semi-Automatic Raster Tracing
Separate S-57 Feature and Geometry Handling
Powerful filter functions for object selection and data query
Different Display Modes
Data Validation Mode
Includes a set of additional tools for special tasks

ENC Analyzer Main Features:

Horizontal and Vertical Consistency Checks (HVC Module)
Supports IHO S-58 Recommended ENC Validation Checks
Selectable check groups for the different stages of production
Messages reported as either errors or warnings depending on severity
Reported messages can be grouped and exported, based on errors, warnings and error codes
Used either in a stand-alone mode or interactively with ENC Designer
Over 800 individual checks applied to your data
ENC update validation and ability to check ENC Exchange Sets
Supports inclusion of user defined checks

ENC Optimizer – Optimize S-57 ENCs for ECDIS

ENC Optimizer helps to produce better electronic charts. Its wide range of optimization functions can be fully integrated into SevenCs Chart Production Workflow. ENC Optimizer has powerful checks to detect and eliminate topology errors and provides automated functions for labor intensive production processes. Different types of data reduction methods can be applied to the overall data set. Data improvement with ENC Optimizer contributes to better performance in the end ECDIS or ECS application.
ENC Optimizer Main Features:

Powerful Topology Checks
Efficient Data Reduction functions
Automatic Object Encoding
Customizable Configurations
Can be used either stand-alone or interactively with ENC Designer
Command Line Mode for Batch Processing
AML Support is offered as an optional module.

ENC Cartographer – INT1 & INT2 Paper Charts From ENCs

Create and maintain INT1 & INT2 compliant Paper Charts from your S-57 ENC data repository.

ENC Cartographer enables you to create and maintain INT1/INT2 compliant paper charts from your S-57 ENC data source. ENC Tools now provide an end-to-end digital and paper chart production and maintenance capability.

ENC Contour Generator

ENC Contour Generator is a software tool that can be used to generate depth contours at defined intervals from xyz depth data (i.e. clouds of depth points defined by geographic coordinates and a depth value). The resulting contours can be exported to either S-57 or SENC where they are stored as S-57 depth contours.
ENC Contour Generator Main Features:

Fast Contour Generation from xyz input data
3D display of input point data and contouring results
Easy to configure and use
Considers scale of final chart product
Safe side contour smoothing and safe side contour generalization
Creates S-57 file with properly encoded depth contours
Comprehensive Coordinate System Management
Uses profiles to manage individual user settings and contouring parameters
Optional command line modus for batch processing


ENC Encryptor Package comprises ENC Encryptor and ENC Permit Generator. It allows organizations producing Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) to encrypt and sign their data according to the IHO S-63 Data Protection Scheme.
ENC Encryptor Main Features:

S-63 Encryption of ENC Exchange Sets (base cells and update files)
Easy handling of S-63 specific keys and certificates (import, key generation, export, secure storage)
User management control (super user and restricted user)
Storage of encrypted data in S-63 Exchange Sets

ENC Permit Generator Main Features:

Generation of Chart access keys
Management of individual data clients (ECDIS, ECS, or other applications)
Creation of S-63 Permit Files