A326 Machine Control Positioning from Hemisphere GNSS

The A326 is an all-new multi-GNSS, multi-frequency smart antenna. Showcasing
fast start-up and reacquisition times, and an easy-to-see status indicator for
power, GNSS, and Bluetooth. The durable enclosure houses both antenna and
receiver. It can be powered through various sources, making the smart
antenna ideal for a variety of applications. Using multiple communication
ports, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, dual-Serial, and CAN options make it
compatible with almost any interface. The easy-to-use webUI allows you to
wirelessly configure your A326 with any web capable device, making the A326
one of the most customizable smart antennas in the world.
Athena RTK
The A326 GNSS smart antenna supports Athena, Hemisphere’s https://nautikaris.com/product/atlas-global-correction-service/core GNSS engine.
Athena offers significant improvements in the areas of initialization time,
robustness in very difficult operating environments, performance over long
baselines, and performance under scintillation.
Atlas GNSS Global Corrections
A326 is Atlas ready, capable of receiving corrections from Hemisphere’s Atlas
global correction service.
A326 is supported by our easy-to-use Atlas Portal (www.AtlasGNSS.com), which
empowers you to update firmware and enable functionality, including Atlas
subscriptions for accuracies from meter to sub-decimeter levels.

Machine Control Positining