TideM8 is the current replacement for the popular TidaLite portable tide gauge. Using the latest low power processor and flash memory technology, the new design offers precise calendar and time keeping functions together with solid state data retention. The TideM8 is designed to interface directly to external displays or computers using serial communications with Bluetooth, the Ohmex Short and Long range radio telemetry modems and a range of dedicated LCDs for simple remote display of numeric data.
The TideM8 is a black box instrument designed around the same ‘winstrument’ specification as used in the popular SonarMite portable echo sounder, this design criteria specifies that all display and interactive communications with the instrument use Bluetooth radio technology to communicate with a PC or PDA device. Through extensive experience of tide gauge installation and manufacture the TideM8 design is modular with separate radios, gauge, display and power supply units. This modular design enables the user to configure every combination from a simple gauge and PDA to a gauge and remote display using radio telemetry communications.