Nautikaris – in Hydrographic Survey Equipment for over 50 years

Hydrography is the branch of applied sciences which deals with the measurement and description of the physical features of oceans, seas, coastal areas, lakes and rivers, as well as with the prediction of their change over time, for the primary purpose of safety of navigation and in support of all other marine activities, including economic development, security and defence, scientific research, and environmental protection. A Hydrographic survey is nowadays carried out primarily with a Multibeam echosounder for collecting hydrographic data. Nautikaris offers not only such sounders, but we can equip all accessory equipment required for carrying out a hydrographic survey. Wether they are carried out for Oceanographic Research or Inland Lakes and waterways.

Nautikaris offers a wide variety of Hydrographic Survey Equipment.We have helped customers all over the world that were in need of hydrographic equipment to support them in various operations.

  • Bathymetry offshore and inshore
  • Geophysical Surveying
  • Subsea scour monitoring
  • ROV inspections
  • Ecological survey and inspection
  • 3D Underwater Imaging Services

Type of products:

  • Single beam Echosounders  –  Unabara, Ohmex  & Knudsen Engineering
  • Multibeam Echosounders  –  BathySwath, Pico MBES
  • Unmanned Vehicles  –  VideoRay, DeepOcean Engineering, NautiQ & Hypack
  • Software – Hypack
  • Side Scan Sonar System  –  C-Max
  • Motion Reference Units  –  SMC, OxTS
  • Tide gauges  –  Ohmex, Aanderaa

Equipment is not enough. What matters is the support needed to carry out your survey work.  Our customers count on our support team for the high quality of our products combined with ease of use and a flexible and professional support team.