MRU – Motion Reference Unit

An MRU – Motion Reference Unit are a kind of inertial measurement unit with single- or multi-axis motion sensors. They utilize MEMS gyroscopes. Some multi-axis MRU – Motion Reference Unit unit are capable of measuring roll, pitch, yaw and heave.

Inertial navigation systems are oftenly used in aircraft, spacecraft, watercraft, drones, UAV and guided missiles among others. In this capacity, the data collected from the IMU’s sensors allows a computer to track a craft’s position, using a method known as dead reckoning.
They have applications outside the aeronautical field, such as:

  • Antenna motion compensation and stabilization
  • Dynamic positioning
  • Heave compensation of offshore cranes
  • High speed craft motion control and damping systems
  • Hydro acoustic positioning
  • Motion compensation of single and multibeam echosounders
  • Ocean wave measurements
  • Offshore structure motion monitoring
  • Orientation and attitude measurements on AUVs and ROVs
  • Ship motion monitoring
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • ADAS Testing
  • Mobile Mapping
  • Rail Surveying
  • Aerial Survey
  • UAV

Nautikaris represents MRU – Motion Reference Unit systems from OXTS and Shipmotion. Based on your requirement we determine which MRU-Motion reference unit suits your needs best.