Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

Since June 2015 Nautikaris is the Authorised Service Distribution Centre of Videoray settled in IJmuiden, Holland.

ACS – Authorized Service Centers
VideoRay has appointed strategically placed fully Authorized Service Centers (ASCs) to accomodate our clientele.
Nautikaris staff has been trained to quickly diagnose and repair any issues with your VideoRay ROV system.
We keep an inventory of parts and spares for quick turnaround in an effort to minimize downtime.

VideoRay delivers the most powerful Remotely Offshore Vehicles (ROV) of the World providing with the highest quality sales, support, and service. Videoray is well known as giving the client an extremely versatile, ultra-portable, affordable, and reliable solution for underwater operations. Their ROV Systems have been used many times for various situations. Because of it’s compact size and weight the VideoRay Pro 4 is  ideal for capturing unique point of view footage that may be difficult, dangerous, or impossible for divers or larger ROV’s to capture. The VideoRay ROV is operated from a control box with integrated PC, the VideoRay  Pro4 can be set up in minutes minimizing time on site. Video can be recorded straight to the control PC and automatically linked with other feeds such as sonar and GPS.  “Plug and play” technology allows you to quickly attach a l;arge varierty of sensors and accessories in the field so you can successfully complete your mission. The best-selling mini ROV is perfect for surveys, offshore inspections, search & recovery, homeland & port security, science & research, fish farming, and other unique applications in underwater environments.