Building on more than 80 years of experience, Vaisala has a unique understanding of weather measurement, extensive expertise, and global presence, with solutions in over 120 countries. Vaisala is your global maritime weather expert. Personnel onboard a vessel are put under extreme pressure to make accurate and timely decisions regardless of the type of vessel. Improve your safety, operational efficiency, reduce the risk of collisions, grounding and heavy weather damage with a Vaisala Shipboard Weather System. Choosing Vaisala means you can feel confident that you have chosen a reliable, flexible and proven solution for any weather condition.

Ship Wind System T

he wind system is designed to aid navigation on the ship’s command bridge. The system design is simple and robust with the presentation and colors selected for a ship environment. When integrated to gyro compass and GPS (heading and course information), the display is also able to calculate true wind.

Ship Weather System

Ships conducting worldwide trade need to be equipped with a shipboard weather station providing information about wind, air temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. Changing air pressure indicates weather changes, and high relative humidity forewarns of low visibility. Vaisala provides sensors for common, as well as, more demanding weather conditions. All sensors are connected directly to the Vaisala weather panel display, which makes the system design simple, robust and easy to install.

Advanced Ship Weather System

In need of more weather information, such as on a research vessel? Then a Vaisala Advanced Weather System will meet your needs. All parameters can be monitored in one consolidated easy-to-read display. User configurable alarms monitor conditions and ensure safe operations. The automatic selection of windward wind sensor eliminates the effects of air flow distortion induced by ship superstructures. The data logging provides access to historical data for easy report generation, and data quality control ensures reliable observations.