Marine Navigation

Marine Navigation provides total marine aids to navigation products and systems for Coast Guards, marine authorities, navies, and ports around the globe.
Private Aids to Marine Navigation Approved
As defined by the USCG, a Private Aid to Navigation (PAtoN) is a buoy, light or day beacon owned and maintained by any individual or organization other than the United States Coast Guard. These interests include private citizens, marina and yacht clubs, municipal and state governments, construction and dredging companies, research and non-profit organizations, beachfront associations, and large industrial concerns. Private aids-to-navigation are designed to allow individuals or organizations to mark privately owned marine obstructions or other similar hazards to navigation, or to assist their own navigation operations.
Using intelligent, patented electronics, Carmanah’s solar-powered LED lights can operate year round at nearly any location in the world, with zero maintenance required for up to 5 years. It is primarily due to this reputation for durability and reliability that Coast Guards and Port Authorities around the world have been using Carmanah lights for several years now. The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) has been using Carmanah’s solar-powered LED lights since 1999 – and they are currently the only self-contained, solar-powered LED marine navigation lights approved for use in the U.S. federal Aids-to-Navigation System. The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) also uses Carmanah’s lights extensively for navigation lighting on Canada’s waterways. CCG officials credit this new technology with enabling the Newfoundland region to establish the first fully lighted aids-to-navigation system in the world.
Recently, Nautikaris became the distributor of Full Oceans buoys. Durable and reliable, Full Oceans Marine Navigation range of buoys is the perfect solution to meet the needs of standard maritime, coastal, offshore and river projects.