Satel narrow band telemetry radio

Satel narrow band telemetry radio are used in mission critical data transfer. The security applications, for example, extend from extensive surveillance systems used to protect private or public property against crime. Radio modems are also used for a number of remote control applications, including haulage trucks in mines and snow guns on skiing slopes.

Our mission is to help our customers solve their local area data communication problems.

Satel narrow band telemetry radio’s quality is at a level that our customers and partners perceive as flawless and generally accepted as high quality.

Our main markets are the GPS Market, ITS Traffic Market and Energy – SCADA Market.


Classic Modems:

Satel narrow band telemetry radio offers a variety of telemetry solutions for various applications. Most commonly used for end users are the classic modems at which customers can choose between Ethernet, USB, RS-232/422 or 485.

OEM Modules:

For companies which require only the Radio Module Satel supplies special modules. Development kits are also available to assist you with the correct product engineering.

SCADA Networks

With Satel narrow band telemetry radio  it is easy to set up a network that controls and monitors the condition of the SCADA system. In particular in case of electricity distribution, Substation Monitoring, various waterwork application (sewage, pump stations and waterlevel measurement.

GPS Systems

Satel narrow band telemetry radio is the excellent choice for wireless data link between GNSS base and rover stations. The Satel narrow band telemetry radio is used in various GIS related applications such as Land Survey, Machine Control and Precision Farming.

In the Netherlands we have supplies most busses and traffic intersection with the Satelline 3AS OA KAR Modem. This special OEM product fulfills the Dutch Open Air protocol standard and has a proven track record in reliability and durability. By using the Satelline 3AS OA, the Satel narrow band telemetry radio the Dutch government built for this mission critical application a safe and private network in stead of relying on other Public wireless technologies such as Wi Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G.